Site updated 4/17/2015

I’ve been setting some goals for the remainder of 2015 and this year I’ve done something just a little bit differently. I’m putting them in writing and have them on a post-it note stuck to the computer monitor. That way I have to see them every day. And every one begins with “I will…” What’s on the list? Some of it is obvious since I’ve been nattering about it since last summer. I will have a new record. We’re over the halfway point now and the second phase of recording begins in May. The first half sounds terrific.

I will attend the NERFA conference after a five year absence. The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival is on the list too, although that one could be preempted if 27 EAST lands a nice private party gig, so I’ve held off on purchasing any early bird tickets. So that one carries an “if I possibly can” disclaimer!

Now for the one that’s the biggest surprise. I will make a trip to Nashville to pitch some of my songs to other artists. Most interestingly, all but one of this batch of songs are not in my performing rotation. Most of them were written with female singers in mind and all but two of these tunes date back more than a decade. Been thinking about doing this for a long time and 2015 will be the year!

I've got a couple of things up on the SHOWS page. And, while I’m not yet ready to go public with the line-up for the 10th edition of my Fall Songwriters Concert, the date is Saturday, October 17th. It’s a slam dunk that it’ll be another great show.

Only the best!!

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