Updated 7/23/18

It’s the middle of summer and I feel as though I should plaster a big “Gone Fishing” sign across these pages. Yes, I’m excited about the digital single that launched about a month back. But I’m also working hard to reel in a few more shows for The Roger Silverberg Trio. As an originals-heavy act, we’re best served in a listening room situation which is why you do not see me performing in restaurants, or bars that have TV screens everywhere, including above the stage area. As July spins into August, I’ve been disappointed by my outreach to secure shows that meet the proper criteria.

Alright, just telling it like it is here. I will be returning to Nashville on August 24 for the CD Baby’s DIY Conference. That’s where the drive to get a lot of what I have done this year all started. This round will be like a booster shot. I still wish there were about three of me. All I reallly want to do is write new tunes and play ’em for you.

Hoping my fall show schedule will be a bit more active. But in the words of Yogi, it's getting late early. As for my single, “Lock You Up”, it’s available for purchase as a download on CD Baby and most of the other major digital music purveyors. And streamable on Spotify. (See below, left.)

Thank you again for supporting ORIGINAL music!



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