Updated 11/6/18

This is probably my next to last musing in this space for the year. Sensitive soul that I am, I am also an unabashed sentimental fool. So, yeah, I get into reflective moods. I’m in one right now. And it has nothing to do with The Yankees not having the year they should have had, or how Penn State (I wrote about Penn State last time around) caved against all their strong opponents in contrast how they slaughtered their weaker fish.

I didn’t play the number of shows I had hoped to this year. Especially with my band, The Roger Silverberg Trio. While overexposure isn’t such a good thing, it’s not good to not play enough shows either. I managed only eight full set shows this year (I am counting my upcoming solo show on December 15); four of them were with the band. Trrue, I haven’t been invisible. I have done plenty of mini-sets and I have always managed to find worthy benefit shows to play. However, those performances fall into a separate class. I made a promise to myself to only play shows with purpose. And I can think of no more purpose more important than getting my songs out there in front of new ears.

New ears! I’ve been saying that on this website for as long as I’ve had this website (It went live in 2004). That mission will continue . Beyond live performances, right here on the Music Page there are plenty of ways to explore. Let your fingers do the clicking!

There is plenty of great, new original music being made. I know. I have a number of friends out there who are making it. It just seems like it’s getting more difficult to discover. Back in the 60s and 70s, it was as easy as just spinning the radio dial! Today, you just to be musically adventurous enough to want to find it. But the search is worth it.

Once again, thank you again for supporting ORIGINAL music!



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