Updated 4/25/22

The biggest news I have to share is that my latest single was released to all the digital outlets last week. The song is “And In The Final Act” and it came from sessions that were begun back in 2019. Please visit the MUSIC PAGE where I’ve embedded a Spotify music player widget containing all the singles released since 2018.

With this new release, the backlog of recordings has been cleared. i’ve already put together a short list of about a half dozen tunes that I’d like to bring into the studio. Realistically, I might get a couple of them done and released this year. And, except for one, they’re all songs written between 2020 and now.

I've got just a few public appearances coming up. Hoping to put a couple of shows together for the second half of the year. I’m choosing quality over quantity as those types of performances are more enjoyable for both listeners and yours truly.

Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL INDIE music!

Only the best,



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