Updated 12/5/19

Now that it’s December, I can take about three minutes to catch my breath. Because the next project in front of me is designing cover artwork for my upcoming single release. I know, the term “cover art” is a misnomer since there won’t be any physical packaging. But that’s the way CD Baby wants to play it, and they are my distribution platform of choice.

Looking forward to finishing off the mix for the single next week. Target release date is late January, 2020.

The other stuff that I’ve got to step up my game on is booking some shows, which I handle all by my lonesome. The focus will be more towards listening room shows, even if that means somewhat fewer actual gigs. Come to think of it, I only did eleven full set shows in 2019. Would I like to score a few more? Of course, provided they allow me to reach new audiences. There will be more to say on this topic in this month’s blog. (See the paragraph below.)

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