Updated 4/2/2023

There is new music in the works. Sessions began in mid-October for what will be at least three single releases in the upcoming year. Unfortunately, the target to get one out before end of this year isn’t going to happen. Once again, I’m working with Cambridge Sound Studios, Philadelphia, where I’ve done the lion’s share of my final recording work since 2014.

I find that I am at my most creative when I’m immersed in crearive projects. I expect 2023 to be a very good time frame for songwriting. If the most recent one is any indication, I think the quality standard is being met. That song is called “Are We Doing Enough?” and it got its third public performance on April 1 when I played at the Michael Braceland Art Gallery. The quote on my landing page is the opening line of the song.

There are a few more shows that I’ll be adding to the SHOWS page in the next week. Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL INDIE music!

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