Updated 3/21/19

“When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around.” That song lyric was running through my head last night as I contemplated what to post about in this website update. This afternoon, the topic hit me right between the eyes: Yet another Long Island venue for live music (some of it original music) announced that it will be closing up shop on April 13.

Compared to the way things were a scant 20 years ago, the opportunities for presenting original music to the general public have diminished, even as the live music scene, at least when measured by numbers of bands performing public shows each week, remains fairly stable. Which leaves the real artists, not just the weekend warrior types and the Tribute Bands, in a boat that has gotten a lot more crowded.

I know some of the much younger artists have embraced Live Streaming and services that allow you to charge per view! But I’m not sure that’s really the same thing. Nothing like being in a room, a theater, a concert hall , with a lot of other warm blooded beings sharing a moment, sharing an experience. Maybe it’s the curse of not being part of a generation that has abandoned large stereo systems in favor of iPhones and earbuds. Nah! Not me, my friend. It's still the old JVC turntable, Harman Kardon receiver and a pair of sweet 80s vintage Infinity speakers.

There are a few venues left on Long Island where artists get a chance to perform full sets to an appreciative audience and I'll name two of them: Bartini Bar in Babylon and The Bellmore Bean in Bellmore. I keep coming back to those because it is about the music there, not just ringing the register. And I don’t have to grovel to score those gigs. Note my upcoming show with The Roger Silverberg Trio, happening Friday, April 12th at Bartini.

FYI, that opening lyric was written by Sting back in 1980. I claim no credit for it whatsoever. Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL INDIE music! You like something, share early and often!

Only the best,



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