Updated 9/18/18

I've noticed a theme that connects many of the songs I’ve written, especially since 2010, and that’s “time”. It’s an unsually ripe topic, truly. Sometimes it’s a bittersweet remininscence (“Cat Hill Road”) or an awareness of my own mortality (“Still Running”), both prime examples from my The Old Dog album. It can also be about “perspective” that comes from living long enough: “Live enough years you learn a few things” I sang on “Sparrow” which was written back in 2006. And, come to think of it, “My Number One”, which came a decade later, does it too.

It’s apparent in “Build Your Own Road”, a tune that I’ve been playing now for a couple of years which talks about seizing the moment. No time like the present. Regret is a tough thing to deal with.

As for seizing the moment, I happen to be in a very active writing mode right now. While I’ve tried to write something every day, obviously, where qualiity of output is concerned, some days are beter than others. But I also believe that no writing is wasted writing. My files full of lyrics go back to 1970. That’s a significant span of time.

I do have an important show coming up with The Roger Silverberg Trio on October 5th. It’s our only Nassau Country gig of the year. I’ll do everything I can to get this music out into the world. I’m looking ahead to 2019, even though it’s only mid-September. Time to look ahead!

Thank you again for supporting ORIGINAL music!



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