Updated 5/28/18

I wasn’t sure I’d pull it off before I wrote this website update but I did it. I am now officially on Spotify. For the time being, I’m putting the evidence right up here on my NEWS page before it lives exclusively on the MUSIC page.

There is over 4 hours of music on this playlist which is called Roger from Philly’s Heart ~ Soul ~ Groove. The songs will be rotated periodicaly but the vibe I’m going for is soulful, towards the mellow side of the spectrum, and generally a little bit under-the-radar.

There will be a new Roger Silverberg single out in June. It’s official. Should be available (download only) right around my Birthday Show on June 22.

Still on the prowl for a full set Philly show. Not for lack of trying.

I will be returning to Nashville on August 24 for the CD Baby’s DIY Conference. That’s where the drive to get a lot of what I have done this year all started. This round will be like a booster shot. I still wish there were about three of me. All I reallly want to do is write new tunes and play ’em for you.

Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL music!.



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