Updated 3/16/18

Here I go again, talking about goals. My 2018 plan is staring me in the face.

The easiest thing for me to do is write songs. Half of them, well, 80 percent of them, you’ll never ever hear. Songwriting, like photography, is a lot of “wasted film” to get those few great shots. But that’s just the way it is. There are no wasted clicks as long as you’re generating keepers.

Recording: I’m on track (bad pun, but intended) to meet my goals of a couple of tunes released to the world this year. The first will probably hit in May.

Curating a Spotify playlist: working on it. My channel will feature my music but also prominently include songs by artists with whom I share a common sensibility. Expect to find deep cuts from Daryl Hall & John Oates, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Warren Zevon, Bob and Van, as well as some kindred artists who are, like me, flying under the radar. Link to be posted very, very soon!

Shows: This is proving to be one tough enchilada. I wrote about “Gigs With Purpose” last time, knowing full well that it would mean doing fewer shows this year. While I’m throwing a lot of my time towards this aspect of my plan, the festivals and theaters are not yet knocking on my door. So, what you see on my SHOWS page is what you get. If you’d like to host a house concert, please, please do hit me up via email.

Could be better, could be worse. But don’t forget for a second that, were it not for the songs, none of this would be happening. Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL MUSIC.



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