Updated 11/12/17

There are musical moments in my life that have had repercussions I feel to this very day. The day I got my first guitar was one of them. Seeing The Beatles about a year later on the Ed Sullivan show was another. Interesting how both happened less than a year apart. Well, only a few years after I tuned in to what George Harrison was doing, another group of Brits managed to turn musical possibility on its head yet again. The Moody Blues released their immortal Days of Future Passed album. And what a concept it was, building a song cycle around the daily cycle of life, incorporating novel instrumentation within the band’s framework (Mike Pinder’s Mellotron) and using a full orchestra on between-song interludes.

OK, perhaps it’s because all of this happened during my mid-teen years while I was still forming my musical tastes. These guys blew me away. So much so that The Moodies remain “go to’s” on my turntable. And as a songwriter, I find inspiration in their structural and chordal choices that I freely admit to borrowing on occasion.

I have a special project band I wrote about on my new PROJECTS page that’s dedicated to playing the music of The Moody Blues. Trust me, we go deep in this project. That’s where the fun is. The Lost Chords will be playing its first public show in about five years on November 18th. And I am thrilled by what we’ve been able to put together.

On a personal note, I’m headed back into the recording studio in December to cut a few new ones so probably no more shows until early 2018. I’m hard at work trying to make that happen. New York Philadelphia, Boston, hit me up.

Only the best,

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