Updated 3/22/20

We’re laying low like everybody else in view of the COVID-19 pandemic threat. No fun, but as long as we’re healthy, I have faith that we’ll emerge. Sooner, rather than later, I can only hope!

The new single is called “Back Taxes”, a song about money, corruption, karma and politics. Plus, it has a wicked sax solo. Check out the MUSIC Page which had to be revamped. CD Baby! is exiting from the storefront business as of March 31. The links on all my offerings now point to Amazon.

It would be nice to get back to some live performances with my Trio, something that hasn’t happened since late last year. I expect that the June and later shows will happen. Anyone’s guess about the next few months.

Stay safe, wash your hands, be good to one another.

Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL INDIE music!

Only the best,



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