“Roger’s performance style and relatability make him a lot like a twenty-first century
  Cat Stevens.”

Theresa Dieso, Founder,

Long Valley Music Festival

“Overall, it was a laid back and very enjoyable night of music. The setting was perfect, the
  company was pleasant and the music was chill. As I listened, I was impressed once again by
  Roger's songwriting, as the thought presented itself to me: "Roger chooses really nice chords".
  If I was a musician, I could probably tell you about this in greater detail. But as a fan who is
  sadly a bit of a musical idiot in regard to song structure -- I know what I like, but I can't
  always describe why -- that's about the best I can do.”

Long Island Music Guy, Blogger

“Singer/Songwriter Roger Silverberg’s music acknowledges influences that span both styles and
  decades yet is individualistic and, perhaps, even a bit quirky. The clearest comparisons would
  be to Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Warren Zevon, and Van Morrison.”

Thomas Boyd, Host

Rock ’‘n Roots Radio

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