Page updated 11/9/22


Saturday, November 12    7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Hewlett Bagel Boss

1352 Peninsula Boulevard         NO COVER CHARGE
Hewlett, NY 11557

Alternative performance spaces are sprouting up in some unlikely places. This one should take the Grand Prize. However, the owner of Hewlett Bagel Boss (the master of all the Bagel Boss locations, actually) happens to be a huge supporter of live music and has opened his doors to intrepid performers. I never considered myself especially intrepid... until now, I guess.

My show is part of the new Hewlett Bagel Boss Music Festival, featuring live music every Saturday evening. Notably, I’ll be the first in the series (and as of this writing, the only performer in the series) to be playing mostly my own material.

For thiw show, I plan to play some of my favorite tunes by other artists, too. Some you love, some that you forgot how much you love, and a few that you maybe never heard before.

And there’s fresh bagels. They bake ’em 24/7 down there.

For booking, contact me at


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